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For new accounts, disabled accounts or if you forgot your password.

You can use this site to change your Computer Science password using your campus Onyen and password. Please note that not all undergraduate students have accounts in the Computer Science domain, and the level of access for those who do varies depending on where they are in the program--some undergraduates have login access to servers and workstation, some have google apps, some have email accounts. Also, this page DOES NOT change your Onyen password! If we can verify your Onyen you can use this site to change your Computer Science password. If we cannot verify your Onyen that means we do not have an account created for you. If you have a problem see changing your password.

For new accounts click here for more information about your account.

If you know your Computer Science password or do not have an Onyen you should use the main webpass password site.

Using this site will change your Computer Science Windows password, display your login, synchronize your password to your Linux acccount and to your Google Apps cs.unc.edu account if you have one. See changing your password for more information including how to get your password reset if all else fails. You must check the I am aware of the University IT Policies checkbox to change your password.

Example Passwords:

iws%bnpc8rG6 2busd'z1ruSr z79'szRgpoxd 1yHfi7lns%nd 8kp0xkE+wnbl

PASSWORD RULES (same as campus ONYEN rules except we have a 12 character minimum)

  • Must be 12 or more characters
  • Must not be a previous or current password
  • Must contain at least 1 letter and at least one digit
  • Must contain at least one of: !@#$%&*+={}?<>"'
  • Must share less than six, or length of your login id, consecutive characters with your login
  • Must not start with a hyphen (-)
  • Must not end with a backslash (\)
  • Must not start or end with a space
  • Must not contain a double quote, (")except as the last character
  • If you have problems or need your password reset please contact the Computer Services Technical Support Center at help@cs.unc.edu.